The Isle of Champions

In the Company of Demons

In which Akmenos apparently has a LOT of secrets

So, as most of us in the gaming community are fully aware, the logic of adventurers set in a dungeon crawler is such: “have new zone on map, will travel”.

This is the exact logic that Tahnesh takes regarding the secret entrance in Akmenos’s hidden storeroom. After Frodi and her looted the other chest in the room (yielding some random potions and a scroll in Draconic), Tahnesh descended in to a secret basement of Akmenos’s, which contained a small alter with a chained-down book. After deciding to unchain the book, Tahnesh was greeted by a mysterious male, who proceeded to tell Tahnesh a lengthy- if somewhat vague- history of Akmenos. Readily identified as an incubus out of character, the mysterious man assaulted Tahnesh (after presumably not being able to woo her) and revealed himself to be a demon following Asmodeus.

Tahnesh was able to easily give the demon a run for his money, though. He retreated back into the book.

After returning to the main portion of the house, Tahnesh simply let everyone know that Akmenos was hiding something dangerous underneath the house. Frodi and her got Fenwyn to read the Draconic scroll. They all hold some degree of certainty that the scroll is magical. They await Akmenos’s return.

Branley has yet to be seen since he ran away.



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