The Isle of Champions

The Rise of the Storm

In which the fecal matter hits the ocelator

The party goes, at the request of Fenwyn’s “Lady”, to slay the avatar of an opposing God. After a (massively underwhelming) skirmish with a peryton, the party encounters a woman by the name of Leara, claiming to be the avatar of Eldath, whom Fenwyn claims is the woman her Lady wants her to kill.

As those slightly more familiar with the Forgotten Realms deities would recognize, the woman that Fenwyn challenges (and ultimately kills with the aid of Tahnesh) was the avatar of the goddess of peace. Upon Leara’s death, Fenwyn’s Lady reveals herself to be Umberlee, the goddess of the ocean and most other thing tumultuous. A massive storm now rests on the island, with the party begrudgingly staying with Akmenos as they figure out what to do.

Since the murder of Leara, Frodi has expressed extreme displeasure with the party, tending to the corner of most maps and fuming.

In distress that the storm and the aggravated tide would wash away any semblance of forest on the Isle, Branley has run towards the beach. Akmenos tried to pursue the ranger, but was dissuaded when Tahnesh reminded him that Branley was, indeed, a ranger of the wilderness.

Tahnesh, upon returning to the party’s current lodging, fell into a short rest, clutching a spherical object.

Fenwyn, rather upset that her “Lady” betrayed her, is both despondently upset and short-tempered with the rest of the group.



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