The Isle of Champions

The Broaching of Truths

In which the story relies on Tahnesh for furthering

After she arose from her nap, Tahnesh heads towards the beach, seemingly without being provoked. After a while, she returns to the hut to question Akmenos. Apparently, the both had been meditating for some while.

Tahnesh reveals, specifically to Akmenos (though everyone other than Branley is in the same room), that she is now the champion of Savras, and has been receiving visions from him for some time. Specifically, Savras has requested that Tahnesh find “authors” to help her interpret a metaphor that she had received, and Tahnesh, Akmenos, and eventually Frodi discuss the matter. Halfway through the interpretation, Akmenos leaves the party and the hut to go meditate at the alter.

While Frodi and Tahnesh are talking, Tahnesh notices that the wall next to Akmenos’s bed has a door on it, obfuscated by a wall of crates. Going into the secret room, Tahnesh and Frodi find quite a few secrets, including a crate of memorabilia and an enchanted trap door. It must lead to somewhere…

Branley is still out in the wild.

Fenwyn, despondent as she is, is unresponsive to the party.



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