The Isle of Champions

In which Nothing Particular Happens in the Game
Cheeto V Pantsuit

We interrupt your standard re-cap format to tell you that basically nothing happened in-game, as people were more focused on the Presidential Election of 2016. I can’t say that I wasn’t one of them; I was chomping at the bit to hear what was going on whilst I was at work.

The Leap of Faith
In which the party piss Akmenos off to the point that he makes them leap off a cliff

Akmenos arrives at his house to have Tahnesh tell him that they had discovered the hidden chambers therein. After a tense conversation, namely about who Akmenos actually worships, Akmenos reveals that, contrary to his previous beliefs, Tahnesh’s visions from Savras were generally impersonal. Specifically revealed, Tahnesh had seen a Kracken (acting as Umberlee’s current avatar), and the fact that Leara had secret information with which she could stop the worshipers of Umberlee from granting their goddess power. The quickest way, apparently, for the issue at hand to be resolved is for the party to travel to the altar of Kelemvor and speak with Leara, to learn her secret.

At this point, Branley returns from his forest adventure. Everyone agrees to go to the altar of the dead, which is apparently located at the end of a long walk off of a very short cliff-side altar. Akmenos leaps down, urging the party to trust him and just take the jump, which they do- but not before Frodi casts Feather Fall.

The party awaits to see how drastic the leap was, with Fenwyn commenting that getting to the altar probably has more to do with “the danger getting there” than anything else.

In the Company of Demons
In which Akmenos apparently has a LOT of secrets

So, as most of us in the gaming community are fully aware, the logic of adventurers set in a dungeon crawler is such: “have new zone on map, will travel”.

This is the exact logic that Tahnesh takes regarding the secret entrance in Akmenos’s hidden storeroom. After Frodi and her looted the other chest in the room (yielding some random potions and a scroll in Draconic), Tahnesh descended in to a secret basement of Akmenos’s, which contained a small alter with a chained-down book. After deciding to unchain the book, Tahnesh was greeted by a mysterious male, who proceeded to tell Tahnesh a lengthy- if somewhat vague- history of Akmenos. Readily identified as an incubus out of character, the mysterious man assaulted Tahnesh (after presumably not being able to woo her) and revealed himself to be a demon following Asmodeus.

Tahnesh was able to easily give the demon a run for his money, though. He retreated back into the book.

After returning to the main portion of the house, Tahnesh simply let everyone know that Akmenos was hiding something dangerous underneath the house. Frodi and her got Fenwyn to read the Draconic scroll. They all hold some degree of certainty that the scroll is magical. They await Akmenos’s return.

Branley has yet to be seen since he ran away.

The Broaching of Truths
In which the story relies on Tahnesh for furthering

After she arose from her nap, Tahnesh heads towards the beach, seemingly without being provoked. After a while, she returns to the hut to question Akmenos. Apparently, the both had been meditating for some while.

Tahnesh reveals, specifically to Akmenos (though everyone other than Branley is in the same room), that she is now the champion of Savras, and has been receiving visions from him for some time. Specifically, Savras has requested that Tahnesh find “authors” to help her interpret a metaphor that she had received, and Tahnesh, Akmenos, and eventually Frodi discuss the matter. Halfway through the interpretation, Akmenos leaves the party and the hut to go meditate at the alter.

While Frodi and Tahnesh are talking, Tahnesh notices that the wall next to Akmenos’s bed has a door on it, obfuscated by a wall of crates. Going into the secret room, Tahnesh and Frodi find quite a few secrets, including a crate of memorabilia and an enchanted trap door. It must lead to somewhere…

Branley is still out in the wild.

Fenwyn, despondent as she is, is unresponsive to the party.

The Rise of the Storm
In which the fecal matter hits the ocelator

The party goes, at the request of Fenwyn’s “Lady”, to slay the avatar of an opposing God. After a (massively underwhelming) skirmish with a peryton, the party encounters a woman by the name of Leara, claiming to be the avatar of Eldath, whom Fenwyn claims is the woman her Lady wants her to kill.

As those slightly more familiar with the Forgotten Realms deities would recognize, the woman that Fenwyn challenges (and ultimately kills with the aid of Tahnesh) was the avatar of the goddess of peace. Upon Leara’s death, Fenwyn’s Lady reveals herself to be Umberlee, the goddess of the ocean and most other thing tumultuous. A massive storm now rests on the island, with the party begrudgingly staying with Akmenos as they figure out what to do.

Since the murder of Leara, Frodi has expressed extreme displeasure with the party, tending to the corner of most maps and fuming.

In distress that the storm and the aggravated tide would wash away any semblance of forest on the Isle, Branley has run towards the beach. Akmenos tried to pursue the ranger, but was dissuaded when Tahnesh reminded him that Branley was, indeed, a ranger of the wilderness.

Tahnesh, upon returning to the party’s current lodging, fell into a short rest, clutching a spherical object.

Fenwyn, rather upset that her “Lady” betrayed her, is both despondently upset and short-tempered with the rest of the group.

The Dragon
In Which Warren Tires of Being the Only Record-Keeper

The party goes into a cave and is repelled by the dragon within.

The Cave
In Which a New Friend is Made

Fenwyn and Branley retrieve their “messages”. At Frodi’s suggestion, the party begins to make for the Altar of Deneir. They encounter an injured Earth Elemental blocking their path, but Tahnesh heals and befriends it, dissuading her companions from violence.

The Altar
In Which There Is Much Exposition

The party follows the tiefling, named Akmenos, back to his abode. Fenwyn sleeps to recover from the day’s fighting, and Branley stays with her while Tahnesh and Frodi visit a mysterious nearby altar. A cleric called Bastion appears at the altar and delivers “messages” to each of them before vanishing. Tahnesh and Frodi individually study their messages for hints regarding what to do next.

The Tiefling
In Which a Hood is Lowered

The undead and its companion construct are soundly defeated. The hooded figure on the cliff is revealed to be a tiefling, who makes a grand show of attempting to defend the four companions from their attackers before suddenly turning and fleeing instead. Prevented from fleeing by Tahnesh, the tiefling is forced to tell what he knows of the island: the “Isle of Champions”, to which the four have apparently been summoned by a mysterious force. The tiefling claims to be another “champion”/victim of said force, drawn to the four by circumstance. He invites them to follow him to a safer location.

In Which a Substantial Number of Innocent Wildlife are Massacred

Branley the human, Fenwyn the dragonborn, Frodi the moon elf, and Tahnesh the half-orc all wake up on an unknown and seemingly uninhabited island after having lost consciousness in disparate locations near water the previous night. They notice an unusual weather phenomenon on the horizon, a black storm that seems to hold in place over the distant waters. They begin to explore the island, encountering and killing bizarrely aggressive wildlife in their way. They recover the pieces of a broken magical sword. Finally they encounter an undead creature and a mysterious hooded figure, and prepare for combat.

P.S. elves are stupid


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