The Isle of Champions

The Tiefling
In Which a Hood is Lowered

The undead and its companion construct are soundly defeated. The hooded figure on the cliff is revealed to be a tiefling, who makes a grand show of attempting to defend the four companions from their attackers before suddenly turning and fleeing instead. Prevented from fleeing by Tahnesh, the tiefling is forced to tell what he knows of the island: the “Isle of Champions”, to which the four have apparently been summoned by a mysterious force. The tiefling claims to be another “champion”/victim of said force, drawn to the four by circumstance. He invites them to follow him to a safer location.

In Which a Substantial Number of Innocent Wildlife are Massacred

Branley the human, Fenwyn the dragonborn, Frodi the moon elf, and Tahnesh the half-orc all wake up on an unknown and seemingly uninhabited island after having lost consciousness in disparate locations near water the previous night. They notice an unusual weather phenomenon on the horizon, a black storm that seems to hold in place over the distant waters. They begin to explore the island, encountering and killing bizarrely aggressive wildlife in their way. They recover the pieces of a broken magical sword. Finally they encounter an undead creature and a mysterious hooded figure, and prepare for combat.

P.S. elves are stupid

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