Dame Tahnesh Danzin of House Saidu

Servant of Savras


AC: 16
HP: 21
Weapons: Glaive, Maul, Javelins
Saves: Str 3, Dex 0, Con 2, Int -1, Wis 3, Cha 4


Tahnesh Danzin is a half-orc knight who claims to hail from the city of Sina Savri and appears to have a great reverence for the city’s patron deity, Savras the All-Seeing. Little else about her is currently known. How she wound up stuck on this island with a childish dragonborn druid, a hedonistic elven bard, and a clueless human ranger with a conservationist streak is anyone’s guess, but she bears it with dignity as she has always done in trying times.

Dame Tahnesh Danzin of House Saidu

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