The Isle of Champions

The Leap of Faith

In which the party piss Akmenos off to the point that he makes them leap off a cliff

Akmenos arrives at his house to have Tahnesh tell him that they had discovered the hidden chambers therein. After a tense conversation, namely about who Akmenos actually worships, Akmenos reveals that, contrary to his previous beliefs, Tahnesh’s visions from Savras were generally impersonal. Specifically revealed, Tahnesh had seen a Kracken (acting as Umberlee’s current avatar), and the fact that Leara had secret information with which she could stop the worshipers of Umberlee from granting their goddess power. The quickest way, apparently, for the issue at hand to be resolved is for the party to travel to the altar of Kelemvor and speak with Leara, to learn her secret.

At this point, Branley returns from his forest adventure. Everyone agrees to go to the altar of the dead, which is apparently located at the end of a long walk off of a very short cliff-side altar. Akmenos leaps down, urging the party to trust him and just take the jump, which they do- but not before Frodi casts Feather Fall.

The party awaits to see how drastic the leap was, with Fenwyn commenting that getting to the altar probably has more to do with “the danger getting there” than anything else.



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